Ruthless and Toothless, Miami Ink.


The 28th of May I visted the Tattooconvention in Dortmund Germany with one of my best friends Kim (!/KimiTomiDoll), and my mum. Kim and I seem to have a little ‘obsession’ with the guys from the television show ‘Miami Ink’, and because they were present as ‘special guests’ we definitely HAD to be there! We left Belgium in the afternoon and drove more than 3 hours to get there! Once there, we met with my friend Jana and went inside. The first thing to do: finding the Miami Ink crew! We searched them on the map of the convention and discovered in the middle ‘Ruthless and Toothless’ and remembered this is the brand Yoji Harada and Darren Brass launched. So, as expected, we found the guys there and we got to take a picture with Yoji Harada :D. 

I desperately wanted to have a pic with Chris Garver, who is my favorite tattoo artist in the whole wide world AND the reason why I wanted to go to Dortmund, but he was working on a very big piece so we decided to take a look around and come back later. On our way we found out that also Sido (a famous German rapper) was present with his recently opened tattoo shop. I bought a pair of very nice looking shoes from the brand ‘Iron Fist’, my mum bought some stuff from ‘Wildcat’ and then Kim and me decided it was time to make our friendship tattoo, haha. She took a little heart on top of her foot, and I took a little one on the side of my wrist bone. 


But, as destiny really LOVES me, the unexpected happened of course: at the moment that I was having my tattoo, Chris Garver was outside smoking a cigarette because he was having a break. That moment, my friend Jana was outside and immediately she ran inside, nearly screaming “Do, Garver is outside!” And then I wanted to do nothing else then go outside too, but unfortunately that wasn’t possible ‘cus I was getting my tattoo. Then suddenly everything went so fast and my mum and Kim disappeared, and out of nowhere they appeared again, talking very fast and making me completely confused. Kim was constantly repeating “Garver is coming, Garver is coming” but I didn’t know what she was talking about UNTIL suddenly Garver appeared next to her, right in front of me. So what happened? My mum, Kim and Jana had run after him, telling him to come to me! I really have the best mum and friends in the entire world ;). He smiled at me, waved his hand and said “Hi.” Now, everyone who was standing there told me my face was PRICELESS when I saw him. I raised my hand and with the tiniest voice ever I answered “Hi.” And so…I nearly had a heart attack, hahaha. He promised me, when I finished my tattoo I had to go back to him to take a picture together, so after getting my tattoo I went to search for him. In that time we socialized with some redhead German who was getting drunk with Yoji, and it was seriously funny. Yoji was constantly watching me and Kim, blinking eyes, and EVENTUALLY Garver finished the big piece tattoo and came to me to take a pic together. Then we had this small conversation:
D: “Thank you!”
G: “You’re welcome. How did your tattoo came out?” *reaching for my wrist*
D: “F-fine…”
G: “It’s pretty small!”
D: “Y-yes…”

I swear, this was one of the best days in my entire life :D 


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  1. awesome!!! that is such a great show and they are AMAZING tattoo artists!! and i love your little tattoo---no matter how small it is! baby steps....and thank you thank you sooooo much for your awesome comments----so stoked you like my blog. means alot! and to answer your question, i live in los angeles. much love!

    ashley <3