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Hello,Hello! If you follow me on twitter (@BenyHanders) you may know that yesterday night i went to this restaurant called "Le Rive Gauche" in Tours (my home city). It was actually the second time i went to it and as the first one, i liked it! So i decided to make a post about this restaurant.

Here's what i chose from the menu, i prefer let the dishes name as it is in french:

Parfum de guadalajara
Suprême de cenebum
A la croisée des chemins.

We started with some glass of Champagne:

And some appetizer ( for free):

I really liked a lot the first course with guacamole and tequila:
Parfum de guadalajara

Suprême de cenebum

A la croisée des chemins.

The dessert literaly killed me. Beside the fact i'm in love with chocolate,the praline was just Delicious!
And this "chocolate" lolipop was also very good!

Le Rive Gauche  is a gourmet restaurant with good service, and a very good "cuisine"! The only "problem" is that you have to be sure to spend 2 hours in this restaurant. They really take the time to prepare everything but as they bring you bread,butter and some drinks you can nibble a little bit!
Moreover you can share a good time with friends or relative in a very warm atmosphere and nice decoration!

Le Rive Gauche also provide you a lot of other services as cooking classes!
So if you can go to this restaurant, do it!

Bonne appétit chérie!


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