1.08 AM. Let's tchat a bit.

Hello Cheekies, 

As nobody's getting married tonight, I have nothing really interesting to watch ahah. 
Because, yes, like everybody, I watched this AMAZIND ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Wedding dress designed by Sarah Burton for Catherine Elizabeth Middleton. Gosh so talended Maison. 

This afternoon, I just discovered  some new brands that sound quite fun.  

1. Bitching and Junkfood:
This brand is quite  destroy, and even though I tend to be more "wise" in the way I look, I have to admit this totallly ROCKS. 

I could not sum up this brand as it contains many topics. I discovered it because they sell a Diary called "Life Diary" which looks like a big book (a Bible..) and I found it quite classy. 
All their stuff are sooo Cool. 

Viva Sarah Burton. And now, make noise for all the future chinese imitations.... :)  

Miss Gray


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