Fascination. Seduction. Insanity.

Love, sex ,passion, fear, obsession, beautiful, mysterious, haunting, invariably fatal. 

Just like life.

Fascination. Seduction. Insanity. How far can people go in their obsession or how far would they go and manipulate to get exactly what they want? They believe that they need it, but do they? Do they really depend on it, or are they just making themselves believe this? Without knowing, they can get completely lost in it, and don’t get me wrong, I’m not being a sadist or anything… I just wonder if people really don’t realize this, or that they just deny it. Maybe it all starts with ‘temptation’.  Once you fall for ‘temptation’ it will lead straight away to ‘destruction’. You get vulnerable and somehow you keep wanting it, and you keep trying to reach it. Maybe it’s the idea of not being able to literally touch it what makes people stuck in obsession. It’s just exciting to try, and try and try. Like they actually believe that they’ll get a total ‘bliss boost’ when they finally succeed to approach it. I think everyone of us has been in a situation like this. After each and every disappointment you find yourself only trying harder to get it. Maybe we all are a bit of masochists, haha! Wouldn’t it be better if we wouldn’t get so caught up in our mind and its tricks? Trying to avoid situations in which we can totally lose ourselves would probably be the safest… But then again, life would be boring without taking risks, and a little hurt sometimes can’t be that bad. At least like this you know you’re alive ;) And like Oscar wilde said: ‘I can resist everything except seduction’.

Attraction is more than skindeep.



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