Brandy Rayana Norwood, Where the hell are you?

One week ago, I decided to listen to “old songs” you know these songs you heard when you were just 6 years old to 10-12! Of course as I was born in 1993 I'm talking about songs from the 90s. Anyway i found out this song  from Brandy and Monica The boy is mine”. I was singing it along as far as i could remember the lyrics. Then i “ youtubed” all the Brandy’s songs and i can say she is gifted (though i knew it )!
But what a pity she is not more famous in Europe, at least i can say in France. I do not mean that nobody knows about her. But she deserves more attention that what she actually gets! 

Even if Mrs Norwood  didn’t come out with a new song since 2008, Glee(the famous serie) made a "tribute" to her with this cover of the boy is mine.

I love this song , the lyrics the melody EVERYTHING is almost perfect. And at 1min18 you may see Bruno Mars: Brandy- Long Distance
Therefore, Brandy is a very talented person and I look forward to listening to her new album.

List of some old songs: 
TLC- No scrubs ( i was sooo fan! i knew the lyrics by heart and danced on this!)
Aaliyah- More than a woman ( i was crying on this song when she died i was just around 8y/o)
Coolio-Ganster's Paradise ( i hope you have seen the movie otherwise GO WATCH IT)



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  2. Tu sais que j'avais carrément oublié les TLC? ca m'a fait bizarre de re-écouté No scrubs ;)
    Thank you my Diva <3