Important notice /!\ Change is a good thing

The title makes it sound all dramatic but it is not.
I am personnally very glad to blog again, I wonder why I ever stopped actually. See, me -Beny- and 3 other fabulous girls started this blog 4 years ago. Each of us made it unique and this is exactly what we wanted The Core to be...UNIQUE and personal.
However, as in every fairy tales, everything's perfect until the witch appears. In this case, the witch was LIFE.

In 2012,the 4 amazing girls (I love superlatives) took different paths and unfortunately this blog was not a priority.  3 of us are still very close, so close that I even have a tattoo in common with one of them (siiiick) and as far as I am concerned,I would not picture my life without these 2. Of course not being in touch with the fourth one was painful at the start but then people grow up.They CHANGE.

Anyway,just to make things clear, I (Beny still) decided to take this blog back because I thought it was time for a change. Even though no one may read this post, it is important to clear things out.

Beny x


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