Raf Simons' debut for Dior, 2nd of July.

"I always said that the right person would come along when all the stars aligned and that's exactly what happened."

If you are a little aware of everything that has recently been happening in the fashion world, then you must surely know who the creative director of Dior is. Exactly, Raf Simons. I am honored and proud that I can tell you that yesterday afternoon, Simons had his debut show for Christian Dior in Paris. If there’s ever been a show the fashion world has waited with absolute bated breath to see, it’s this one: Raf Simons’ debut for Christian Dior. The show could be followed online at Dior.com. 


The modest Neerpelt -a Belgian, just like me- Raf Simons, said earlier that "Too many people look up to fashion. Gone with that elitist stuff, fashion should be for the people again." though, his new employer, Christian Dior, keeps fashion more exclusive. Exclusive in every sense of the word. Very chic and not available everywhere. Certainly the haute couture. In France, couture is still a protected trademark. The unique garments are tailored for a selected market of the richest women on earth.

Christian Dior is also exclusive in the sense of ‘exclude’. Not everyone is allowed to get inside. The pile of applications for the fashion show this year was higher than other years. Journalists from the oddest corners of the world wanted to witness the first Raf Simons’ fashion show for Dior.

Last week, Simons’ presented us his Eponymous spring/summer 2013 menswear collection. This proved -once again- how talented this designer is, and that he is the right man for Dior. It was androgynous, clean and his uniforms turned out to be a real statement at the end of the day.

Yesterday, fashion addicts and journalists from all around the world gathered to witness Raf Simons' first representation and prove as to why he is worthy to be creative director of Dior. The result was better than wished for and all the hope and expectation was fulfilled. Simons is a genius, a person who is respected and admired by many. The fashion world is hard and intimidating, yet Simons took the challenge without fear. He came and he conquered. ;)
There was elegant femininity; cigarette trousers sat beneath bustier dresses which came short and strapless and encrusted with embroidery – they were modern-day ball dresses. Then came more strapless gowns, this time with severely-defined pockets and their waists cinched in. They were architectural but feminine and there was a sense of respect too, with skirt lengths sitting below the knee at mid-calf. Colours stayed soft and pretty – pale pinks and blue – and made for a fresh contrast to the neon make-up and the severity of the pointed shoes.

What exactly is it that Simons did to become such great results and leave the audience in such delight? I wish I had personally been there so I could have watched it and give myself an answer to my question. But I wasn’t, so the only thing I can say is; there's something magical happened. That's the only explanation I have.

Belgiƫ is trots op je, Simons!

"It's a very exciting time. I always said that the right person would come along when all the stars aligned and that's exactly what happened last week. Simons has already begun to lay out his vision for where he can take Dior in the future and I think we are all very excited by that vision."
- Sidney Toledanohas (Dior president and chief executive.)
"It was what you hoped for and more - it was such a beautiful homage to Dior, a mix of the modern, clean and unexpected with a real lightness of touch. It was more elegant than elegant and he trod a brilliant line of being him and being respectful of Dior, I loved it."
-Lucinda Chambers (VOGUE fashion director.)


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