Model on spot: Carolina Ballesteros

Long hair,flawless face, bright eyes and measurements you are dreaming about, Spain gave to the fashion industry Carolina Ballesteros. It is at the age of 14 that Carolina started modelling for worldwide magazines as Vogue or Elle. But it is at 16 that she launched her career at international level with IMG. Today Carolina.B is travelling from a country to another and experimenting a real model's lifestyle.

It's been awhile that The Core and Carolina are in touch, and therefore she nicely accepted to tell us what her life is really about.  

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  • What was your 1st photo shoot like? Nervous much or ''born for this,you can tell''?
Hahaha. To be honest, i don't remember. I'm a model since I'm 12 years old, but i think i was kind of excited!!
  • Do you feel like you have missed your early-teenage years ?
Not at all. I had such an amazing early teenage years! Modeling at first was my hobbie, not my full-time job. So i had time for "living my teenage life". 
  • What is the fashion industry like in your opinion? Is it as shallow as some people could imagine it?
It is really normal from the inside. People think fashion is  a wonderful world, but it is just a job with workers on it!!

  • How do you stay skinny?
It's because of my parents. But i have to say,  i have super healthy habits about food. So, it's a little of everything :P
  • Is there any pressure from your agency(eating habits,personal situation...)?
The pressure comes more from clients (photographers, designers...) than the agency.
But it's not that terrible as people think. hahaha.

  • Are you afraid of being seen just as a ''pretty face'' because you are a model?Do you wish people to focus more on your knowledge?
Sometimes that's really annoying, but sadly, that's sometimes kind of true... People focuses on the "pretty face" and not in the soul behind that.

  • What does your family and friends think about your job?
They are really proud of me! That's one of the best part of modeling. There is not a familiar lunch without talking about me and my job and it's very funny! 
Jason Lewis & Carolina Ballesteros
  • What was your best experience thanks to your job?
Traveling, amazing jobs, lifestyle... i don't know. You just can grow up as person and see everything from the "outside" of your "normal" life.
It's very interesting!
  • What would be your advice to become a model?
Follow your dreams, fight for it. The way to get to your dreams is often really difficult.
  • How do you imagine yourself in 10 years?
I have no idea!! I can't even know what i'm gonna do tomorrow, so... 10 years is too long!!

Interview provided by The Core
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