Milan Stay- Gold Restaurant by Dolce & Gabbana

Amuse bouche & Cosmopolitan
Do you know this sentence: You get what you pay for?  Well Dolce & Gabbana fully integrated this notion with a little extra. Magdalena and I booked a table to the Gold Restaurant on Friday night. We first had a drink in the smoking area, a diet coke for Miss Gray and a Cosmopolitan for myself. We were quite surprised by the amount of amuse bouche they brought us while drinking. Of course do not expect your drinks to be cheap as it is a high quality establishment but it does worth it because of the food. 

Martini Gold

The Bar's theme is about gold bullion bars, while the restaurant itself looks more purified with some white on the tables. The whole staff is very welcoming and take the time to anticipate your every needs. We had a long and nice dinner! On photos, the place looks empty when actually few minutes after it was full of people which i guess is normal for a friday night.

The entrance

The entrance of the bar.
As a result Magdalena and I really love this place,we even thought about going back. I couldn't walk after the dinner, I was so full. But for sure this is the 1st place i will go back next time!



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