Day 1: Arrival

     After a sweet dinner between us-Julia,Beny & Maga- we are finally ready to sum up our trip.
This morning we woke up at the hotel and went to the airport with some "let-me-sleep" faces.We had a quick breafast at the Starbucks Coffee,just to take some energy before to fly to Berlin.

While waiting for our plane, we look at some men...handsome men actually

Let us fly

First thing we have done,once next to our flat is to go have a lunch in a typical german restaurant:

Enjoy the decoration

And for french only "Tupique" est sensé vouloir dire "Typique"?

And as every girls that respect themselves we took "control" of the whole appartement; putting our clothes and products around. We also went,as said before, to the supermarket, and we shouldn't talk about this "shame moment" we had.

So now that you have seen us this way,don't worry folks,you can't expect anything worse. Now that we are settled the next days will be pretty different. Tomorrow we are going our separate ways but for a good reason. So if you want to follow us during our holiday,check our twitter accounts and facebook page.


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