Please let me introduce myself.

Is not it amazing how easily we create a blog?
Some clicks and voila  you are a member of the blogosphere.This is SCARY.
Since I am the first to post on this blog,I  allow myself a little introduction,useless for sure  but I do anyway.

Have you ever wondered what makes a blog famous?
Today to be a “Blogger” do you obviously have to talk about fashion? Because “imma tell you” i’m not into fashion. I’m not rich enough to buy Chanel or MiuMiu. SORRY I AM A REAL GIRL. Ok i’m not going to lie to you saying “ i’m poor” no my parents maybe earn more money than yours but i have my feet stuck on the ground. That is what i call being real.
Ok i stop confusing you, let’s go back to our sheep. But i still try to figure it out...
Who is Face hunter? Who is Betty? I can hear you from there like “Is she questioning that?”. But calm down this was rhetorical questions. But i guess you all know who they are.
What makes them more special than an other person? This is my real question.

I am warning you. I do not know what you expect to see on this blog ( i must confess i don’t know it myself) but this is real life from real girls. No lies,no wanna be ( this is my first lie) just 4 girls in the real life. I think some people may forget that we all live on Planet Earth.
So here it is,you can close this page and go back to your activities,or you can become a member and following us in our real shitty life.
I just want to tell you that The core means a lot for me,it is 3 girls i would have never expect to meet. They know more about me than my friends living in my own city( we all live in different places), they are here when i need it but sometimes i also want to slap them all but this is what we call friendship i guess. 

I wrote it while listenning: KT Tunstall - Suddenly I see

God Bless You
by Beny


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